Artist-author in Action and Reflection (2022)

Mike Croft
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About this exposition

Published as part of: Michael Croft, 'Artist-author in Action and Reflection' in 'Practices of Phenomenological and Artistic Research', (eds.) Alex Arteaga, Emma Cocker, Erika Goble, Juha Himanka, Phenomenology & Practice, Volume 17 (2022), No. 1, ISSN 1913-4711 https//journals.library.ualberta.ca/pandpr/index.php/pandpr/index
typeresearch exposition
keywordsdrawing, video, sound, speech, reflection, voices
last modified09/10/2022
share statuspublic
affiliationCoordinated researcher with i2ADS, Research Institute in Art, Design and Society, Faculty of Fine Arts, Porto University, Portugal
copyrightMichael Croft
licenseCC BY-NC-ND
languageBritish English
published inResearch Catalogue
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Simple Media

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1671136 RAUM (SPACE) Michael Croft CC BY-NC-ND
1671157 Drawing Qua Monologue Michael Croft CC BY-NC-ND
1671161 RAUM (SPACE) Michael Croft CC BY-NC-ND
1710342 Drawing Qua Monologue re-edited Michael Croft CC BY-NC-ND

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