Mike Croft

Portugal (residence), Ireland, United Kingdom (citizenship)
research interests: perception, drawing, artwriting, autofiction
affiliation: Independent researcher

Mike Croft trained as a painter in London at Camberwell School of Art and the Royal College of Art, graduating in 1985. Since then his artistic practice has developed from traditional methods to an approach that is more research-based, involving drawing, media and language. Mike explored the use of time in drawing through a self-set project hosted by the TRACEY Journal of Drawing and Visualization Research through its Project Space between 2013 – 18. The outcomes of the project were a combination of visual artwork and written text. Visual updates were regularly posted on the Project Space, and some of the written work was published as articles in international journals. Beginning this year, 2021, Mike has begun a project in collaboration with three other researchers hosted by i2ADS, Porto University. The project title is ‘The Observation of Perception, considered through drawing’, and will provisionally run for three years. Mike’s plan is to format his thread of the project in the Research Catalogue. The work will involve drawing, audio-visual recordings and text that explore the extent to which perception, mainly visual but also involving the other senses can be visualized.



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