Rules for the Rigorous (2023)

Anna Nygren

About this exposition

This project is part of the bigger project "Autistiskt skrivande. Ett modersmål / Autistic Writing. A Mother Tongue", funded by Vetenskapsrådet. The bigger project aims to investigate neuroqueer, and specifically autistic ways of using language. Melanie Yergeau use the term "neuroqueer" to point to the "sidling, desiring, idealizing" aspects of being of a neurofunction set apart from the neurotypical norm. This article is a collaborative piece of writing, created as a poetic research method in how rhetorics are used to inform and create oppressive as well as empowering games of language. Julia Miele Rodas calls it an Autistic Poetics, a way of living with words that exceeds the communicative aspect and leaks into the a(u/r)tistic mind. This text was written as a letter correspondence, a love act, and a curious performance. It is based in a neuromixed research environment and investigates the poetic mode of writing as a platform for further understanding. About the autors: Hanna Bertilsdotter Rosqvist is an Associate Professor in Sociology and currently a Senior Lecturer in Social work at Södertörn University. Their research is primary oriented towards disability, but also on gender, sexuality and space Elisabeth Hjorth is an author, essayist and Senior Lecturer in Literary Composition at Gothenburg University. Their latest publication was Mutant (Glänta, 2021) Anna Nygren is an author, dramaturgue and Lecturer in Literary Composition at Gothenburg University. Their latest publication was Fuck Your Marsvin And Dö (Poesiwerken, 2021)
typeresearch exposition
keywordspoetry, neuroqueerness
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copyrightHanna Bertilsdotter Rosqvist, Elisabeth Hjorth, Anna Nygren
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