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Anna Lorenzana, Manuel Macía, Elena Giulia Rossi, Veronica Di Geronimo, FRANCO RIPA DI MEANA, Claudia Reichert

About this exposition

The EU4ART Alliance was created by four art academies in Dresden, Rome, Budapest and Riga. The Alliance is convinced that there is a great need for further strengthening the perspectives of fine arts as a culturally, socially and scientifically engaged approach towards a transdisciplinary discourse on society, sciences and humanities, and knowledge and thinking in general. The EU-funded EU4ART_differences project will work to raise each partner’s research profile and promote a high-level culture of artistic research in developing new programmes for postgraduate students and artistic researchers. It is guided by two pillars: knowledge transfer, and building artistic research units and graduate schools that will become part of the shared doctoral and postgraduate research community. This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 101016460.
typeresearch exposition
keywordsartistic research, project
last modified21/02/2024
statusin progress
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licenseCC BY-NC-ND
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Simple Media

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1715169 Background EU4ART CC BY-NC-ND
1717093 Fachttag05_DE EU4ART CC BY-NC-ND
1720841 Logo EU-funding EU4ART CC BY-NC-ND
1727674 e803009409403107e0937e90cdb38975 EU All rights reserved
1727677 Element 1eu logo European Union All rights reserved
1727683 EU4ART_logo_differences-01 EU4ART.differences CC BY-NC-ND
1728660 Ieva Pleikiene Ieva Pleikienė All rights reserved
1728874 25 Nov 2021.Webinar EU4ART.differences All rights reserved
1728910 Bildschirmfoto 2022-09-07 um 10.05.26 EU4ART.differences CC BY-NC-ND
1728914 Artistic Research and the third cycle EU4ART.differences CC BY-NC-ND
1728942 Digital Rites and Embodies Memories in Rome EU4Art.differences All rights reserved
1778305 staatlichekunstsammlungenkupferstichkabinettbuck_3500 SKD Dresden CC BY
1839360 blank profile picture none CC BY
1872585 Art Market Budapest_2022 EU4ART_differences All rights reserved
1872607 SoundSpaceBody EU4Art All rights reserved
1872613 Wenner_Ruth-Wenner-814x1080 Ruth Wenner All rights reserved
1872625 peersndifferences_1-1-1080x1080 EU4ART All rights reserved
1872666 WsR_Flyer_Farbraummitrand-1080x1080 EU4Art All rights reserved
1894546 delete EU4ART CC BY-NC-ND
1894547 delete Eu4ARt CC BY-NC-ND
1894554 delete Eu4ART CC BY-NC-ND
1894576 delete Eu4Art CC BY-NC-ND
1916115 Roadmap-2021 EU4ART CC BY-NC-ND
1916121 Roadmap-2022 EU4ART CC BY-NC-ND
1916122 Roadmap-2023 EU4ART CC BY-NC-ND
1916713 Arrow EU4ART CC BY-NC-ND
1924488 angelicasperoni Angelica Sperono All rights reserved
1924509 Dominique Lämmli Christian Senti All rights reserved
1924567 summit-22-1024x1024 Film EU Summit All rights reserved
1924606 19_01_23_EU4ART-Horizzon_Ph-Monkeys-Video-Lab_12-1440x960 EU4ART CC BY-NC-ND
1924667 csm_aka_146d183537 Claudia Reichert All rights reserved
1924921 JAR_photo JAR All rights reserved
1953512 EU4ART_differences at ELIA conference EU4ART All rights reserved
1953541 Bildschirm­foto 2023-02-16 um 13.10.32 EU4ART differences All rights reserved
2108190 Peers'n'differences #2 EU4ART_differences Public domain
2108283 Labification and Metaphor EU4ART_differences CC BY
2238113 IMG_0189-1440x1080 EU4ART_differences All rights reserved
2238128 Emma_Cocker_ EU4ART_differences All rights reserved
2238154 D62B7496-CCB6-41CB-B032-462829759A63 EU4ART_differences All rights reserved
2238155 Ana_Pireva EU4ART_differences All rights reserved
2238182 Malón. Collage. 2021 (Eduardo Molinari) Malón. Collage. 2021 (Eduardo Molinari) All rights reserved
2238201 a.re-newsletter-dotwave-pattern-500x500-1 EU4ART_differences All rights reserved
2361642 Labification_front page EU4ART_differences All rights reserved
2361648 ARTISTIC RESEARCH: METHOD, STRATEGY AND OUTREACH EU4ART_differences All rights reserved
2361659 Challenging (un)familiar territories EU4ART_differences All rights reserved
2430653 gro-1345 LMA Riga All rights reserved
2430956 circle-of-art-fg-page-0001 LMA Riga All rights reserved
2453325 D1_4 POLICY BRIEF_University Alliances_Pilot1 RP2 2023 Eu4Art_differences CC BY-NC-SA
2453402 D1_4 POLICY BRIEF_University Alliances_Pilot1 RP2 2023 EU4ART_differences CC BY-NC-SA

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