Talking Transformations: Home on the Move (2022)

Ricarda Vidal, Manuela Perteghella

About this exposition

This exposition comprises an online version of a travelling exhibition which was curated by Manuela Perteghella and Ricarda Vidal in 2018/19 as a direct outcome of our collaborative Arts-Council-funded project "Talking Transformations: Home on the Move". The online exhibition charts the journeys of two poems about "home" around Europe and the transformations they underwent as they were translated through different languages and into film. Initiated as a response to Brexit, the poetic journeys focused on the EU countries most important to migration into and out of the UK—for migration to the UK, Romania and Poland; for migration from the UK, France and Spain. The online exhibition invites viewers to listen to the poets and translators recite their literary versions and to watch the artists' filmic interpretations. It also includes recordings of translations made by Ricarda and Manuela in response to the the multiple versions of the initial source poems. The exposition concludes with a section dedicated to reflections about the project by some of the people who took part in it.
typeresearch exposition
keywordstranslation, home, migration, transformation, Intersemiotics, Brexit
last modified01/12/2022
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copyrightthe artists
licenseCC BY-NC-ND
published inResearch Catalogue

Simple Media

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1750289 Map of Europe none CC BY-NC-ND
1750513 "Home" by Deryn Rees-Jones Deryn Rees-Jones CC BY-NC-ND
1750527 Chez-nous by Elise Aru Elise Aru CC BY-NC-ND
1750536 Home tr by Timothy Mathews Timothy Mathews CC BY-NC-ND
1750538 En casa tr by Silvia Terrón Silvia Terrón CC BY-NC-ND
1750541 At Home tr by Noèlia Díaz-Vicedo Noèlia Díaz-Vicedo CC BY-NC-ND
1750554 Dom - by Rafał Gawin Rafał Gawin CC BY-NC-ND
1750561 HOME. A STRUCTURE ON TRIAL - Komporaly Jozefina Komporaly CC BY-NC-ND
1750571 Dom. Struktura na próbę = Dziurosz Marta Dziurosz CC BY-NC-ND
1750580 Home - Deryn Rees-Jones Deryn Rees-Jones CC BY-NC-ND
1750581 0001 Deryn Rees-Jones All rights reserved
1750586 Deryn reads Home Dern Rees-Jones CC BY-NC-ND
1750589 Elise Aru Chez-nous Elise Aru CC BY-NC-ND
1750592 En Casa Silvia Terron Slivia Terron CC BY-NC-ND
1750596 AtHome NoeliaDiazVicedo Noèlia Díaz-Vicedo CC BY-NC-ND
1750599 T Mathews Home Timothy Mathews CC BY-NC-ND
1750602 MY translation of Home - multilingual Ricarda Vidal CC BY-NC-ND
1750604 Anna RafalGawinHome Anna Hyde CC BY-NC-ND
1750607 dom_gawin_dziurosz Marta Dziurosz CC BY-NC-ND
1750611 Rafał Gawin - Dom Rafał Gawin CC BY-NC-ND
1750614 Jozefina Home by R Gawin EN Jozefina Komporaly CC BY-NC-ND
1750618 Casa Rafal Gawin_traducere Teodor Ajder Teodor Ajder CC BY-NC-ND
1750777 Kate McMillan The Lost Places Kate McMillan CC BY-NC-ND
1750785 Benoît Laffiché Home - Chez nous Benoît Laffiché CC BY-NC-ND
1750820 HOME HOME Belen Cerezo & Heather Connelly Belen Cerezo, Heather Connelly CC BY-NC-ND
1750855 HOME HOME Belen Cerezo Heather Connelly Belen Cerezo & Heather Connelly CC BY-NC-ND
1750894 Manuela Dom Italian Manuela Perteghella CC BY-NC-ND
1750901 DomingoMartinez_At home_finalLOW Domingo Martinez CC BY-NC-ND
1750921 HomeonTheMove_cover2 Domingo Martinez CC BY-NC-ND
1751029 Casa. Construcție în proces de judecată - Popescu Ghenadie Popescu CC BY-NC-ND
1751031 Sally Waterman - Syncopation Sally Waterman CC BY-NC-ND
1751153 Western Europe Map none CC BY-NC-ND
1751160 Zuzanna Dance as a Mapping Device Zuzanna Janin CC BY-NC-ND
1751184 Polish brainstorming Rafał Gawin CC BY-NC-ND
1751330 Elise Aru textile translation Elise Aru CC BY-NC-ND
1751491 Ghenadie still Ghenadie Popescu CC BY-NC-ND
1751502 ACE lottery_Logo_Black RGB ACE CC BY-NC-ND
1751504 KCL logo KCL CC BY-NC-ND
1751508 National_Poetry_Library_Logo-01 National Poetry Library CC BY-NC-ND
1751512 PCI_LOGO Polish Cultural Institute CC BY-NC-ND
1751520 Ledbury Logo Ledbury Poetry Festival CC BY-NC-ND
1752359 Heather Belen still Heather Connelly and Belén Cerezo CC BY-NC-ND
1752360 Domingo still Domingo Martínez Rosario CC BY-NC-ND
1752362 photo of draft poems London workshop Ricarda Vidal CC BY-NC-ND
1752363 Rafal Gawin - workshop Joanna Kosmalska CC BY-NC-ND
1752373 Elise Aru - reflections on Home on the Move Elise Aru CC BY-NC-ND
1752375 Joanna Kosmalska - Home on the Move 08.09.20 Joanna Kosmalska CC BY-NC-ND
1752422 Whitstable Biennale Library workshop Ricarda Vidal CC BY-NC-ND
1753291 Noelia reflectionsontranslatingHome Noèlia Díaz-Vicedo CC BY-NC-ND
1789027 Clouds Ricarda Vidal All rights reserved
1834888 concertina book of Home poems Ricarda Vidal CC BY-NC-ND
1834907 Home by Margaret Adkins the authors CC BY-NC-ND

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