Graduation Seminar (2021) Arts and Visual Communication (2023)

Yamil Hasbun Chavarría, Pamela Jiménez Jiménez

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Graduation Seminar (2021) Arts and Visual Communication This document constitutes the memory of the Graduation Seminar of the year 2021 of the School of Art and Visual Communication (EACV) of the National University (UNA), Costa Rica. The theme endorsed by the Academic Unit for 2021 consists of the project directed by Dr. Phil. Yamil Hasbun Chavarría (EACV) and the M.A. Pamela Jiménez Jiménez (School of Performing Arts): Nodos Activos (Investigación + Practica artística (Spanish for Active nodes: Research + artistic practice). The Seminar is materialized in 5 associated research projects focused on 5 different topics: Artistic research through dialogical and playful processes; Artistic research in the 4th Industrial revolution; The urge to allow research performed by students to be further and easier exposed; the experience interdisciplinary artistic research; and experiences of meta-artistic research. Authors/students: Mariana Cañas Lopez, Gloriana Cordero Rojas, Valeria Esquivel Jiménez, Wensi Fuentes Hernández, Andres garita Briseño, Susana Gonzales Gabrilova, María Gabriela Isturiz Rojas, Valeria Leiva Ruiz, Yendry Madrigal Mora, Mariela Martínez Alfaro, Gabriela Mora Araya, Maria Soledad Morales Brenes, Tifany Perla Brenes, Randy Rojas Diaz, Jose Solano Sanchez
typeresearch exposition
keywordsseminar, artistic research, Thesis, visual communication, Design research
last modified21/02/2023
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