Ornamentation based upon More-Than-Human-References: Moving Towards an Ecology of Trust (last edited: 2018)

Elisabeth Laasonen Belgrano

About this exposition

This performance-presentation exhibits ornamenting processes of I/ voice /force and becomings between sounding notes/structures/forms. In short: articulating mattering-processes through force and form. Following a transforming web of acts and encounters, desire and urge - becomings of I/voice - are continuously meeting that-which-isn’t-yet-known. The form (or stage) presented, is a landscape and a twisted borderland made up of nomadic theory (Braidotti 2011) and artistic operatic madness (Belgrano 2014). The force is a chorus of intra-active voices mourning the loss of a city, loss of life and loss of trust. Departing from a nomadology illustrated conceptually, politically and contextually by Braidotti, the I/voice/force move through structures of sound, characters, emotions and statements chanted out of fear and pain. Each vocal sound marks a conclusion and a beginning. Limiting. According to Lacan, limits - being wounds or scars, or marks ”of irreplaceble losses as well as liberal thoughts.” According to Deleuze, limits - ”points of passages, thresholds, and markers of sustainability” (Braidotti 2011). Limits = Conclusions and Beginnings. What comes in between all limits are transformations, as in complex ecosystems of indeterminable encounters. Everyone being part of such an encounter is being touched by the presence of its in/non/human neighbours. Together they form a world of more-than-human-references. An irrational structure in it’s own becoming. The purpose of this paper is to show how each vocally fragmented ’conclusion-transformation-beginning’ of a microscopic moment, generates patterns being part of much larger global patterns. Along the way every act and every turn of I/voice/force will, by means of emergent properties, be diffracted and giving birth to multiple voices. One voice will become I-being-more-than-one-voice, trusting in its own ways, colours, shapes, forms, and non-sensical appearances. As a result, this paper calls for further investigation of transformative processes with/out limits, and thus moving towards an Ecology of Trust.
typeresearch exposition
keywordsVoice, Performance, Force, Form, Becoming, Trust
last modified05/02/2018
share statuspublic
affiliationSchool of Design and Crafts, University of Gothenburg, Sweden
licenseAll rights reserved

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220219 So what is there to say about EB2015 All rights reserved
220218 Waking us up Barad 2012 EB2015 All rights reserved
220217 Ornamenting an Ecology of Trust (Sound) EB2015 All rights reserved
220216 Writing EB2015 All rights reserved
220215 No she said EB2015 All rights reserved
220214 This Touch... EB2015 All rights reserved
220213 Living Compassionately Barad 2012 EB2015 All rights reserved
220206 When two hand touch Barad 2012 EB2015 All rights reserved
220205 I am trying to conclude Cixous EB2015 All rights reserved
220204 A word is a fragment EB2015 All rights reserved
220203 The Part Monteverdi EB2015 All rights reserved
220202 Hope Braidotti EB2015 All rights reserved
220201 An Angel Tranströmer EB2015 All rights reserved
220193 Plorans Plorativ EB2015 All rights reserved
220192 Making a Tapestry EB2015 All rights reserved
220191 Nothingness Barad 2012 EB2015 All rights reserved
220190 I Embrace EB2015 All rights reserved
220188 The text suggests EB2015 All rights reserved
220187 A thought appears EB2015 All rights reserved
220186 The Ecological Thought EB2015 All rights reserved
220181 My voice is never alone EB2015 All rights reserved
220180 Ornamenting EB2015 All rights reserved
220179 As if listening Cixous 2011 EB2015 All rights reserved
220178 When looking at a work EB2015 All rights reserved
218174 ProceedingCarpa4_Image7 EB2015 All rights reserved
218158 ProceedingCarpa4_Image3 EB2015 All rights reserved
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210971 DSC_0542 MJ2015 All rights reserved
210970 Lamplight Performance Carpa4 MJ2015 All rights reserved
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