Collaborative Dramaturgies in Filmmaking (2023)

Hannaleena Hauru

About this exposition

In this thesis, I make a personal reflection on how the dramaturgical concept of the feature film “Parvet” was created. The aim of the project is to build dramaturgical tools that would benefit voices that are currently marginalized in Finnish film and television. The “Parvet” film focuses on experiences as a racialized or indigenous person, and as a non-binary trans person in Finland in 2023 and deals also with the representation of people with learning disabilities, while most crew members in the production, including me, are white, non-disabled and cis-gendered. The central questions in the thesis are: • How did using feminist decolonial theories and my previous experiences in collaborative filmmaking inspire the methodological framework for the concept of "Parvet"? • How can autobiographical minority experiences be adapted to fiction film by providing agency to the performers by rearranging artistic decision-making power between the auteur-director, the performers, and the designers in the crew? • How does "Parvet" navigate the complex interplay of collaborative filmmaking within a project centered on minority topics while operating in an environment and industry dominated by structural whiteness? Creating “Parvet” took place in 2022–2023. The film is directed by Hannaleena Hauru and Katja Gauriloff and produced by Emilia Haukka. The production is a collaboration between Aamu Film Company and Uniarts Helsinki's Theatre Academy. “Parvet” will premiere in 2024. The thesis was written in the Summer–Autumn of 2023, while “Parvet” has still been in post-production.
typeresearch exposition
keywordscollaborative filmmaking, collaboration, screenwriting, dramaturgy, marginalized voices, minority narratives, coloniality, decolonial, settler colonial, power hierarchies, artistic hierarchies, character representation, representation, auteurship, auteur-director, safer working environments, tokenism, racialized, anti-racist, indigenous, nonbinary, trans, cis-gender, non-disabled, disability, actors with learning disabilities, people of colour, POC, whiteness, structural whiteness, privilege, identity, autobiography, fiction films
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