The Institute of Constrained Chaos (2024)

Tijs Ham

About this exposition

This supportive narrative is connected to the graduation project 'The Institute of Constrained Chaos' (TIOCC) which investigates the use of chaotic processes in order to enhance musical expression of a live electronics performance. Inspired by the chaotic, expressive, musical power of overblown brass instruments, the project aims to develop a live electronics performance that utilizes a combination of new and existing hardware and software such as no-input mixing, circuit bending, digital signal processing and sensor based controlling to create an instrument that navigates the musical edges between order and chaos. The project has resulted in a ten minute improvised performance in collaboration with Bart van Gemert, a drummer, as part of a concert series organized and executed by a group of HKU graduate students operating under the name 'Custom Made Music' (CMM). Through many tryout concerts and several iterations of the instrument it can be concluded that the use of chaotic processes can enrich the expressive musicality of a live electronics performance.
typeresearch exposition
keywordsChaos, live electronics
last modified02/03/2024
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affiliationHKU / Open University
copyrightTijs Ham
licenseCC BY-NC-ND
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