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In the dynamic interplay between art and technology, the integration of artificialintelligence (AI) has opened new frontiers of exploration and expression. Our researchproject, initiated in 2021, ventured into this evolving landscape with a mission to examinethe relationship between AI and contemporary artistic practices. Focusing primarily ontext and image synthesis using AI technologies, our project embarked on an in-depthexploration of the creative potentials and limitations of Large Language Models (LLM).This journey was far more than a technical exercise; it represented a deep dive into thefusion of creativity and technology, examine traditional workflows, especially related topre-production in filmmaking. The project revealed AI's capacity to both emulate andstimulate human creativity, offering insights into the capabilities and boundaries of LLM inartistic creation. These reflections are not just a recount of past achievements but a lensthrough which one can view the potential and future intersections of art and machineintelligence.Leading the research project are Linda Janson, a production designer with over 30 yearsof experience in the art departments of films, TV series, and commercials, currentlyserving as a senior lecturer in production design at Stockholm University of the Arts, andMirko Lempert, founder of the company Monocular. Monocular specializes in integratingAI with traditional 2D/3D techniques for practical applications in visual content creation.This project is driven by their collective goal to investigate the practical applications of AIin visual arts, combining Linda’s extensive industry experience and academic backgroundwith Mirko’s expertise in applying AI technologies. Their joint effort focuses on enhancingthe methodologies of visual arts and design education to align with the ongoingadvancements in digital technology.We would also like to recognize and express our gratitude to PhD candidate Marc Johnson, whose significant contributions were instrumental in initiating this researchendeavor and who has continuously supported the process with valuable advice andexpertise.Lastly, we wish to emphasize that Chat-GPT served as an editorial assistant in thecomposition of this report. This involvement was twofold: as an integral part of ourresearch methodology and as a proficient contributor, aiding in the summarization,formalization, and articulation of arguments to deepen the discourse on the topic ofArtificial Intelligence in the visual arts.
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