Deliberately Practicing the Saxophone (2017)

Per Anders Nilsson

About this exposition

A point of departure in this exposition is the author’s experience of practicing and playing on the saxophone for more than 30 years. In particular, three aspects of practicing a musical instrument are discussed: firstly, development and maintenance of general skills; secondly avoiding stagnation and so-called arrested development, and thirdly practicing for specific events. These aspects of practicing are elucidated thru long time personal experience from playing and practicing the saxophone. The saxophone is an acoustic instrument where its properties are given by design and acoustics, and it is up to the player to master and perhaps extend its playing possibilities to its physical limits. Noteworthy, parts in this article is taken from the author’s thesis A Field of Possibilities (Nilsson, 2011), however practicing examples are either reworked or new, and reformatted for this context. In my thesis, which treats designing and playing digital musical instruments, the purpose of discussing the saxophone was about to create a background, something else, as contrast to the main subject. In this exposition practicing the saxophone is at the forefront, however written with more than 15 year’s experience of deliberately practicing electronic musical instruments of various kinds as a background.
typeresearch exposition
keywordspractising, saxophone, improvisation, musical instruments
last modified07/06/2017
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affiliationAcademy of Music and Drama, University of Gothenburg
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published inRUUKKU - Studies in Artistic Research
portal issue7.

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