Artistic Research Does Not Exist … And How She Managed Not to Be Afraid (2016)

Julian Klein

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“Fine, then,” fluted Fay, “sing me the reasons why you don’t exist, and I will whisper to you why you don’t have to be afraid – as long as you accompany me on the guitar.” – “But I can’t play the guitar!” – “If you don’t exist,” continued Fay, “then you can also play the guitar, because you actually do exist, otherwise you wouldn’t be afraid of not existing, and from one such a false premise follows the entire universe.” And so she played and played, sang her favorite fears and listened to Fay's eleven chords of consolation.
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keywordsartistic research, research policy, science policy, art theory, art practice, science and art
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affiliation!KF - Institute for Artistic Research Berlin
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