Julian Klein

affiliation: http://www.artistic-research.de

Julian Klein is director of the Institute for Artistic Research Berlin, Germany. He studied composition, music theory, mathematics and physics. He is founding member and artistic director of the interdisciplinary performance art group a rose is. From 2003 he was member of the Young Academy at the Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences and Humanities and the German National Academy of Natural Scientists Leopoldina. Currently he is collaborating scholar at Instititute for Theatre Studies at Free University Berlin and research fellow at Concordia University, Montréal, Canada. Since 2007, he is teaching directing at the University of Arts Berlin.


Selected works and productions

2015. The Balloon. A German C(h)ase. Music Theatre.

2014. Leviathan. Music for Arno Schmidt.

2013. idem

2013. Infamous Perspectives

2011. Hans Schleif

2010. Brain Check

2008. HUM - the Art of Collecting. www.taxomania.de

2001-2004. Brain study. Performance Installation for interconnected Brain Players.


Selected text publications

2010. What is Artistic Research?

2010. Emotion Theatre. Comments on the feeling of playing. Forum Modernes Theater.

2010. The other side of the frame. Fundamental principles of an artistic theory of relativity. In: Flach/Söffner, Habitus in Habitat II - Other Sides of Cognition. Bern


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  • The Other Side of the Frame - Artistic Experience as Felt Framing. Fundamental principles of an artistic theory of relativity. (01/10/2010)
    Publication: Paper, artist(s)/author(s): Julian Klein
    Artistic experience can be interpreted as an embodied sensing of frameworks. In artistic constructions of realities, cognitive experience („Erfahrung“) and aesthetic sensing („Erleben“) interfere. Based on an analysis of aesthetic relativity in general, and of the artistic perspective on reality in particular, an artistic form of „sensuous cognition“ can be described: a genuine artistic understanding of the world as a sheaf of intentional coupling and decoupling manifolds, like an sensuous gauge theory of mind in multiple realities. The main gain of this approach can be found in an epistemological practice of a specific kind of artistic research, aiming for embodied and therefore experienced knowledge.
  • What is artistic research? (30.03.2010)
    Publication: Paper, artist(s)/author(s): Julian Klein
    Art and science are not separate domains, but rather two dimensions in the common cultural space. This means, research is not then or only artistic, if carried out by artists, but deserves the attribute artistic, where, when and by whom whatsoever been made to a specific quality: the mode of artistic experience. Artistic experience is itself a form of reflection. And furthermore, whether implicit or explicit, artistic knowledge is embodied knowledge. The knowledge that artistic research strives for is a felt knowledge.

research expositions (collaborated)


Exposition: Hans Schleif - Stations of the Biography of an Architecture Historian in German National Socialism – Addenda and Register (12/11/2016) by Julian Klein
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