Beyond the Azhan: Abu Dhabi’s Cacophonous Soundscape (2019)

Diana Chester

About this exposition

In Abu Dhabi, a city where the adhan, (The Islamic Call to Prayer), is recited five times daily, mapping the cacophony of its sounds can provide insight into its built environment and the lived experiences of the people in it. By considering the urban ambiance of the city through the acoustical mappings of both the uniform and pre- recorded natures of the adhan in Abu Dhabi City, I will offer a perspective of how live recordings can participate in a discourse on the aesthetic and temporal landscape of the city. What is it about the process of recording what we hear that allows the sonic content of the recording to become live, and does this impact our understanding of place? What do recordings reveal about urban spaces, and how do we “listen back” to them?
typeresearch exposition
last modified08/07/2019
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published inJournal of Sonic Studies
portal issue18. Issue 18

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