1 Day Artwork (2020)

Zoe Panagiota (aka Betty) Nigianni

About this exposition

Net art for unrealized site-specific performing arts installation, 2020 The exposition shows fragments of work prepared for an unrealized interactive site-specific public installation at Siobhan Davies Dance Studios, South London. The installation would include dance performance, video/photography and structures with objects. The work was produced at different times between the winter and summer of 2011. The installation was to be a collaboration with dance artist Susanna Recchia and photographer Rachel Cherry. Audiences would traverse or remain on site as long as they wished. The Critical Pathways workshop by choreographer and artist Rosemary Butcher served as the starting point. Walking journeys allowed for emerging themes, such as pilgrimage, walking-the-lifeline and potentiality. The concepts of the moving body and the plane tree, a variety imported into the city, became intertwined. The performers would enact processes related to journeying and nomadism. The installation would create a virtual landscape of remoteness: a place for reflection. Revisiting these works, I draw from Deleuze and Guattari's notion of becoming animal to suggest that we rethink the notion of animal via the concept of the plan(e)/plateau. Deleuze and Guattari's advancement of the notion of the plan(e), from a metaphoric articulation of processes of translation into a conceptual apparatus of intersection across forms, enables the co-existence of multi-dimensional multiplicities against their reduction to two dimensions. The plane is one of consistency that is sustained across multiplicities. If it is the plane of Nature in the Deleuzian sense of natural history, it allows for the infinite multiplicity of individuals. Entering the plan(e)/plateau, one becomes part of an individuated assemblage depending on their relations of movement. In memory of Rosemary.
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