Play: emotional regulation in classical music performance (2021)

Francisca Skoogh

About this exposition

Musicians examining performance anxiety within the context of their own regular concert performances, is a rare event in western classical music. The Western classical music culture, from conservatory to the professional life that follows, is tinged with disciplined practise, competitions, result-focused ambition and demands for perfection. There is little or no room to explore psychological issues connected to the profession, a silence that needs to be addressed. Classical musicians are highly dedicated to their vocation but they also suffer from more music performance anxiety (MPA) than musicians in other musical genres. This article gives examples on how musicians themselves can find new ways of emotionally regulate MPA by identifying performance values connected to the traditions and ceremonies of classical music. Built in values concerning performance can be defined and explored through experimental concert settings. Furthermore the article gives examples on how Artistic Research (AR) projects are designed to challenge the silenced artist in the traditional classical concert setting and how AR can contribute to the research field of MPA giving voice to the artist's thoughts. The experimental projects presented in this article describe how different interventions can help to regulate the artist's emotions and at the same time develop concert performance practice. One project connects neuroscientific findings to performance and the second one is based on the psychoanalytic concept of play.
typeresearch exposition
keywordsemotional regulation, music performance anxiety, artistic research, performance values, play
last modified08/03/2021
share statuspublic
affiliationUniversity of Lund, Faculty of Fine and Performing Arts
copyrightFrancisca Skoogh
licenseCC BY-NC-ND
published inRUUKKU - Studies in Artistic Research
portal issue15. Slowness and Silence, Inertia and Tranquility

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