Navegando hacia un sur sonoro: Two Sound Stories From South America (2020)

Leandro Pisano

About this exposition

As a moving and expanding terrain, sound art in South America is a research, application and sharing environment for a work developed by at least three decades of artists who have experimented with methods and processes in which sound intersects with digital technologies and with unconventional approaches to listening. The text presented here focuses specifically on two works produced within this extended context of practices, which offer many types of sound narration in which different elements emerge connected to the complexity of the levels of listening, even political in the South: Temporal de Santa Rosa by Brian Mackern, a recording and installation project that reinterprets popular, religious and traditional elements in a post-digital key and Antartica 1961-1996, an installation by Alejandra Pérez Núñez that investigates the imperceptibility of the political processes of appropriation of the Antarctic territory in recent decades by part of nation states.
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last modified19/03/2020
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published inJournal of Sonic Studies
portal issue19. Issue 19

Simple Media

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823471 JSS Banner JSS All rights reserved
823493 Stormbox Mackern All rights reserved
823507 Recording from the Temporal de Santa Rosa project - 1 Pisano All rights reserved
823513 Recording from the Temporal de Santa Rosa project - 2 Pisano All rights reserved
823519 Temporal de Santa Rosa Mackern All rights reserved
823524 Field recording in Antarctica Nunez All rights reserved
823531 Antartica 1961-1996 (2009-2017) Pisano All rights reserved
823535 Graphic sonification from environmental data from Patagonia Pisano All rights reserved
823539 Weddell seal recordings from Antarctica as diffused in the installation at the exhibition at MACRO museum in Rome Pisano All rights reserved

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