Coming Slowly to Writing with the Earth, as an Earthling (2021)

Hanna Guttorm

About this exposition

This article illustrates the slow coming to writing with the Earth inspired by both Indigenous ontologies and artistic research as well as post humanist, poststructural and new materialist theories. How does my thinking-feeling-sensing-moving body-mind-language become, or always already is, an Earthling, a habitant of this planet, in the era of super-complexity, in the need of turning the gaze towards the more-than-human(ist)? And were does this becoming/being (conscious) take this “me”? And how does writing and thinking emerge, when one has been waiting long enough?
typeresearch exposition
keywordswriting, becoming, Earth, post qualitative methodology
last modified08/03/2021
share statusprivate
affiliationUniversity of Helsinki
copyrightHanna Guttorm
licenseCC BY-NC-ND
published inRUUKKU - Studies in Artistic Research
portal issue15. Slowness and Silence, Inertia and Tranquility

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