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Network for Performative Theology (NPT), founded 6 October 2022

How does connections happen? Between humans, non-humans, environment, fields, topics, hands, feet, bodies, souls, hearts thoughts,... between All and Nothing...? This group FLASHES UP (Barad 2017) between the academic fields of Theology - EcologyPerformance Philosophy - Artistic Research. Like fragments they crash into one another without having the faintest idea of what will be the outcome. "Facing the im/possibilities of living on a damaged planet, where it is impossible to tease apart political, economic, racist, colonialist, and natural sources of homelessness (otherwise called 'the problem of refugees'), will require multiple forms of collective praxis willing to risk interrupting the 'flow of progress' - not by bombing the order, but by blasting open the continuum of history." (ibid.:75). There is no time to waste... Let's re-search! 

For joining the network please contact:

Elisabeth Laasonen Belgrano at


Petra Carlsson Redell

Laura Hellsten

Simone Kotva

Elisabeth Laasonen Belgrano

Synne Myreböe

Mark D. Price

Dan Siedell




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