PERFORMATIVE THEOLOGY (last edited: 2024)

Network for Performative Theology
Elisabeth Laasonen Belgrano

About this exposition

The purpose of this exposition is to collect data of what Performative Theology can be and become primarily within an academic research but also beyond. The expo will be a timespace nurtured by members the Network for Performative Theology, established 6 October 2022 in Oslo.
typeresearch exposition
keywordsperformativity, Theology, Performance, spirituality, Rituals, Ecology
last modified22/02/2024
statusin progress
share statuspublic
affiliationEHS (Enskilda högskolan/ University College Stockholm)
copyrightELB 2022
licenseCC BY-NC-ND

Simple Media

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1757760 Welsh cross ELB2022 CC BY-NC-ND
1757761 e_vigeland ELB2022 CC BY-NC-ND
1757762 oxford ELB2022 CC BY-NC-ND
2130903 Molander1996_kropp_tystkunskap ELB2023 Public domain
2130914 Dopvatten ELB2023 CC BY-NC-ND
2130918 Skugga ELB2023 CC BY-NC-ND
2130923 Kroppp ELB2023 CC BY-NC-ND
2131254 Ward.Credo.2016 ELB2023 Public domain
2131497 HANDER ELB2023 CC BY-NC-ND
2131504 Fingrar ELB2023 CC BY-NC-ND
2273411 AttBeMedKroppen ELB2023 All rights reserved
2289957 Sjostrand 2011 (utdrag) ELB2023 All rights reserved
2298096 the-voice-lessons-jenssen-2022 ELB2023 All rights reserved
2309012 Intro röst och gestaltning ELB 2023 All rights reserved
2312385 INTRO RoG _liten ELB2023 All rights reserved
2367159 Á mon seul désir ELB2023 All rights reserved
2367194 VOICES_ElaineT_JAMES ELB2023 All rights reserved
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2584532 Eli_dop ELB2024 All rights reserved

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