Mark D. Price.



1999: BA (Hons) in Philosophy, BIHE.


2002: PhD 'Violence and Value in Post-Kantian Philosophy', BIHE.


2003-7: Lecturer, BIHE. Created U/G courses on Aesthetics, Political Philosophy, Literature and History of Ideas.


2007-17: Lecturer/Senior Lecturer at Manchester Metropolitan. Political Philosophy, Human Rights, Aesthetics, History of Ideas, Film, Television, Literature, Hermeneutics.


2013: 'Forbidden Knowledge, Unlawful Memories' lecture and workshop, Slade Hall. Manchester.


2015: 'Visual Sonnets' solo exhibition at Crewe Arts Centre.


2016: 'The Crowd as Water', public lecture which became the book of the same title, exploring the artworks of R, Pointon.


2016: 'Hiding in the Naked Light'. Exhibition. Manton Atrium, Manchester. Artworks from my own collection, with an extended commentary.


2017: 'Seen And Not Heard: The Untold History of Homelessness'. Performance Workshop, Whitechapel, London, Lecture and colaborative praxis with the Institute of Historical Research and The School of Advanced Study, University of London.


2017: 'Language': solo performance of five songs and five poems at Beech Grove, Manchester. Later recorded at Spirit Studios, Manchester. Released 2018:


2017: Second PhD:  '50% Death'. MMU. Passed with only minor typographical corrections by both external examiners (Dr Lars Iyer, Newcastle University and Dr Scott Thurston, Salford University).

The work is still suppressed by MMU. On the basis of my PhD work Dr Iyer invited me to undertake the task of creating the first definitive biography of R.O. Lenkiewicz.


2017- present: Independent researcher. Commissioned by the Lenkiewicz Foundation to make sense  of sixty years of Lenkiewicz's visual output, diaries, aesthetic notes, including his unpublished 52 volume opus on Kabbalah.


2018: 'Vagrancy': lecture and performance for the Lenkiewicz Foundation, St Saviours' Church, Plymouth,


2018: 'Lenkiewicz, Pythagoras, and the Hermetic Tradition'. Exhibition and public lecture, Teignmouth, Devon.


2018: 'Mouse With Wool'. Public lecture at exhibition opening, Newton Abbot.


2019: 'The Re-Union'. A three-act music drama with ten songs, for eight voices. Accepted by The Chorlton Players for The Manchester Fringe Festival. Postponed by Covid lock-down. Preliminary versions of some songs are on my Youtube Channel.


2020: 'Three Laments'. Sonic collaboration with Elisabeth Belgrano and Jonas Nilsson, exploring  trauma and the 'intimacy of distance'.


2020: Musical/ poetic collaboration with Joshua ben Joseph and 'The Convulsionists'. This is complex jazz improvisation, and at the very edge of my present abilities. I hope to go further. I did not come this far just to come this far. It can be heard at:


2020: 'The Code of Saint Incy's'.  A memory/poem set to music.


2020: 'Ten Songs in Ten Minutes'. An experiment in temporal gymnastics within extremely short-form song dynamics. 


2021: Lenkiewicz - The Life. Vol. I  'All are welcome' (1941-1979). White Lane Press



Links To Selected Works.


Three Laments, Part One. Collaboration with Elisabeth Belgrano and Jonas Nilssen. August 2020.



Three Laments, Part Two. Collaboration with Elisabeth Belgrano and Jonas Nilssen. August 2020.



Three Laments, Part Three. Collaboration with Elisabeth Belgrano and Jonas Nilssen. August 2020.



The Newcomer. Words and music by Mark D Price, arranged and performed by Joshua Ben Joseph and the Convulsionists. Summer 2020. 



'Can't Find the Killer'. Solo work from the 'Language' collection of songs and poems. Winter 2018.



'Small Time'. Solo work from the music drama 'The Re-Union. Winter 2019/Spring 2020.


'Lucifer Rising'. Solo work from the music drama 'The Re-Union. Winter 2019/Spring 2020.



'Language'. Solo work. Songs and poems. November 2018.



Critical commentary on Robert Pointon's exhibition 'Manchester: The Crowd As Water'



Beast of Revelation! (2021)

Reading: D. H. Lawrence: The Ship of Death (2022)