Första delen av projektet sker under 2017 i Helsingfors vid forskarkollegiet Helsinki Collegium for Advanced Studies vid Helsingfors Universitet, finansierat av Kone Foundation. 

The first part of the project takes place during 2017 in Helsinki at the Helsinki Collegium for Advanced Studies at the University of Helsinki, financed by Kone Foundation.


Andra delen av projektet sker under åren 2018-2019 i Stockholm vid Stockholms Konstnärliga Högskola, finansierat av Vetenskaprådet. 

The second part of the project takes place during 2018-2019 in Stockholm at Stockholm University of the Arts, financed by Vetenskapsrådet.

Performing with Plants 

- an artistic research project by Annette Arlander

Att sam-agera med växter

- ett konstnärligt forskningsprojekt av Annette Arlander


Performing Landscape – Swinging Together or Playing with Projections”. In Body, Space, & Technology Journal Vol.16.  http://people.brunel.ac.uk/bst/vol16/ (NB. flash needed)



Kasvien kanssa - With Plants 

Seminar on working with plants 3 May 2017, 10 am to 4 pm

Helsinki Collegium for Advanced Studies

(in Finnish)

"Performing with Plants" in a workshop in Plantarium - Re-imagining Green Futurities, Linköping University 1-2 June 2017


 "Practising art - as a habit? / Att utöva konst - som en vana?" In Ruukku Journal, # 7. June 2017. http://ruukku-journal.fi/en


"How to do things with performance – Performing with plants (first attempts)" in the Artistic Research Working Group at PSI#23 Overflow (Performance Studies International conference) in Hamburg June 8-11. 2017. 


"How to do things by performing with plants" in the panel organised by the research project How to Do Things with Performance at the IFTR (International Federation for Theatre Research) conference Unstable Geographies - Multiple Theatricalities in Sao Paulo 10-14 July 2007.


"Between Sea and Sky - With a Tree" at the seminar Between Sky and Sea: Tourist organised by Performance Art Bergen in Kvalnes, Lofoten, 18 July 2017.


"Performing with Plants" videoinstallation at CARPA 5 - Colloquium on Artistic Research in Performing Arts 31.8.-2.9.2017


Artist-in-residence at Nida, Lithuania, during September

See work plan here:


Some videos created in Nida, here:



"Swinging at Munke Mose" - participatory performance in connection to the seminar "Sense it... don't tell it" in Odense 1-2.9. 2017

Program http://nordicperformanceart.dk/en/seminar-17/

Info http://nordicperformanceart.dk/annette-arlander/

Material recorded during the day, to be projected onto the site https://vimeo.com/232254487

Documentation of the swinging with the projection at night https://vimeo.com/232291605 

"Performing with Plants"

presentation and workshop at the doctoral symposium Transversality in Performance: (un)(dis)covering processes from what the body knows

University of Gothenburg, Faculty of Fine, Applied and Performing Arts, 9-10 October 2017

With Plants

A seminar on working with plants 27 October 2017 10 am to 6 pm

Helsinki Collegium for Advanced Studies, Fabianinkatu 24 A floor 1, room 136


This multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary event is aimed at artists, researchers and scholars who are  working with plants in various ways.


Call, program and abstracts  (see below)

Resting with the Pines in Nida

presentation including

Walking in Nida and

Sunday with a Pine

"Performing with plants" - public presentation at Helsinki University Tiedekulma.

see here