Publiserade projektresultat (ett urval)

Published project outcomes (a selection)


NB. This page is updated with new publications

Videoarbeten - video works

Videoarbetena, här som korta versioner, finns också i längre versioner för installationer.

The videos here presented as brief versions also exist as longer versions for installation display.



Att Uppträda med Träd – Performing with Trees. X-position n 6. Stockholms Konstnärliga Högskola 2019. (bilderbok – picture book)

Artiklar - Articles 


Peer reviewed:


“Behind the Back of Linnaeus - Bakom ryggen på Linné. Ruukku - Studies in Artistic Research, Issue #14 Ecologies of practice.

Performing with Plants in the Ob-scene Antropocene”. Nordic Theatre Studies vol 32, 2020, 121-142.


“Performing with Plants - Appearing with Elms and Alder”. In Mika Elo, Lea Kantonen and Petri Kaverma (eds.) Etappeja - Kuvataideakatemian tohtoriohjelma 20 vuotta / Waypoints - The Doctoral Programme at Academy of Fine Arts 20 Years. 2019, pp. 33-56.


“Resting with Pines in Nida – attempts at performing with plants”, Performance Philosophy Vol 4, no 2 (2019):452-475


“Performing with Trees and the Tide - A Diffractive Reading”, Research in Art Education 3/2019, 14-46.

“Breathing and Growth - performing with plants”, Journal of Dance and Somatic Practices. Volume 10. Number 2.2018, pp. 175-187.

Not peer-reviewed:


"With Spruce Stumps and Old Tjikko - On the Individuality of Trees" in Daniela Fargione and Carmen Concilio (eds.) Trees in Literature and the Arts: Humanarboreal Perspectives in the Anthropocene. Lexington Books (forthcoming)


"Visiting a Tree", in Mari Mäkiranta & Maiju Loukola (eds.) Voices: Floating Peripheries Conference 2019 - Site and Situation


Performing with a Pine Tree”. In Ziegler, Denise (ed.)  Kun koen kokeilen – kokeilen kun koen. Kokemus ja kokeellisuus taiteellisessa työskentelyssä ja tutkimuksessa. / I Experience as I Experiment – I Experiment as I Experience. Experience and experimentality in artistic work and research. The Academy of Fine Arts, University of the Arts Helsinki, 2019, 15-26.


“Authentic trees? – Artistic research, non-human collaborators and the documentary”. In Quaresma, José (ed.) Research in the Arts. Authenticity, Polymathy and Dissimulation. Lissabon: Museo Archeologico, 2019, 83-98.

It rains - it thinks - it dances”. In Johannes Birringer, Josephine Fenger (Hg./eds.) Tanz der Dinge/Things that dance. Jahrbuch Tanzforschung 2019. Bielefeld: transcript Verlag, pp. 187-191.


“Performing with Plants”. In Leena Rouhiainen (ed.) Perilous Experience CARPA 5 Colloquium Proceedings. Nivel 09 2018


Publications for professional communities:

“Year of the Dog in Lill-jan’s Wood”, in Yelena Gluzman, Matvei Yankelevich (eds.) Emergency Index vol.8 , New York: Ugly Duckling Press 2018, 50-51.
”Performing as a tourist – with trees”. In Terese Longva and Rita Marhaug (eds) Between Sky and Sea V: Tourist. Bergen: Performance Art Bergen and PABLISH 2018, 128-149.