Notes: winter 2020/21

{hhr, 201203}


die zeit faltet sich (time is folding itself).

{hhr, 201216}


In a circle, a circu(s|it), going around, always counter clockwise. The diametre perhaps ten metres or more. "Transferring" information. A woman speaks to a slightly older man; the man is the information carrier or time traveller. How can she transfer the information. If the man repeats after her, the situation is doubled. How can one thing end and the other begin?


"public" place


Relay race. It becomes more absurd / unclear, as the man encounters himself (within the circuit). To do what? He must transfer a story, a thought, information to himself. For a moment, he would be double, but not identical; a younger and an older self simultaneously. He grins. The hairs are greying. He tries to explain (?) how the whole thing can work, how the two slides eventually push together in congruency. This is not information transfer, but rather a slice of time is moved and dissolved.

{hhr, 201228}


Bach ‘cantatas’

small glass bottle , ‘scattering’ water

         line by line

silent without piano

the sounds become entangled in the water,
are modulated (in their frequeny?)

a kind of two-part'ness

a sheet (perhaps A3) of vat paper

writing with water

becomes drawing ; black tusche ; broad strokes

no preferred orientation of the sheet

meta: true
author: HHR
kind: diary