This interview (in German) with Hanns Holger Rutz was conducted by Florence von der Weth for her radio programme ‘Das geheime Zimmerarchiv’, broadcast on Radio Lotte Weimar on 13-Dec-2020.

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Radio interview “Das geheime Zimmerarchiv”: Dec 2020

1'50" AI vs machine learning, as an artistic tool
6'15" Style modelling/transfer; creativity
9'01" From pitch modelling to electroacoustic parameters; artistic intention; modelling artistic process; problem of describing algorithmic decisions
13'02" Algorithms vs data; composing and experimenting with algorithms, without big data; from reified algorithms to the algorithmic, as process and retroaction; agential investments in computers
18'50" Composing with computers vs algorithmic composition; decision-making, iterativity; automatic composition and curation
22'46" Muzak; design and automation; human-machine complementarity
24'28" Contingency and environmental exchange; networking; computation vs mechanical instrument
26'03" ‘Writing (about) Writing Machines’; text-based programming, live coding; writing and scripture; literacy; complementary forms in artistic research; discrete/analog
32'03" Comprehensibility; experience of the audience; construction of aesthetic experience; open ended
39'35" vs dramaturgy, narration
40'29" electroacoustic piece: Légende (Studie)
45'01" Simultaneity; mutual influence; synthesis of sense(s); conjunctions; performing coming-together without predefined design
50'58" Conjunctions in algorithmic work, experiment
51'30" Outro
52'40" electroacoustic piece: Grenzwerte

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