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Lydgalleriet, Bergen, NO

June 8–15, 2018

Opening Event:

Friday June 8, at 19:00

Exhibition open:

Saturday + Sunday: 12:00 to 17:00
Tuesday – Friday: 10:00 to 14:00

Presentation of revised versions:

Thursday June 14, at 19:00

Thresholds of the Algorithmic

Thresholds are locations of transitions, points where one modality becomes another, where a qualitative change occurs. In physics the point where an aggregate state changes—the phase transition—is a distinguished transitional location where the properties of the adjacent states become evident. Similarly, in this workshop-in-exposition we want to study the properties of the algorithmic by putting ourselves in threshold positions and actively shape them. More than merely separating two sides, one can spend time on a threshold, move along a ridge, performing a tightrope walk while trying not to fall to either side.

This is the exposition for an event taking place in Lydgalleriet Bergen, Norway, June 2018. Thresholds of the Algorithmic is a collaboration between ALMAT and Bergen Center for Electronic Art (BEK), and part of BEK and Notam’s ongoing series of workshops for advanced users. It is a hybrid format that places the workshop inside an exhibition context, where the exposed works and artefacts form the basis of the workshop’s activity. Instead of “closed works”, what is exposed to the general public are objects, sounds or installations that are open to engagement and reconfiguration during the workshop.

This exposition documents the projects and work processes of the participants, and the developments of the workshop.

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