Tijs Ham

Tijs Ham started his artistic career in the visual arts but soon moved to music and sound art. He is the co-founder of the Soundlings Collective and has been instrumental in setting up the think tank Meetups, which discusses many topics related to arts and technology. Tijs has been working for STEIM in many capacities ranging from organizing to a seat at the artistic board. He regularly performs onstage, both solo and as part of the trio The Void*, playing his custom-built instruments based on chaotic processes like feedback and recursion. 

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‘States’ is a performance around a self-balancing chaotic system in which the performer shifts between controlling or playing these processes and listening to them. The complex structures are allowed to collapse into their own states of being. Letting go of the steering wheel.
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The core of STATES consists of two pricipals

- Self balancing systems (Algorithmic)

- Changing of states (Interaction)


The self balancing system relies on a audio feedback loop that incorporates phasing and ringmodulation. During the workshop I will play around with various modifications. There are already multiple versions of the setup (There is an analog version and a digital version) and it's possible to vary the amount of feedback channels and settings of the modulations.


In the performance version of STATES the changing of the states is 'performed' by the artist himself. During the workshop I would like to experiment with different implementations of audience interaction with the system. The controls will be 'limited' and 'obscure' as I'm not aiming for an understanding of the system but rather a playful exploration of it's possibilities.

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date: Jun-2018
author: Tijs Ham
event: Thresholds