Stefano Zorzanello

Musician, scholar and sound designer, born in Vicenza in 1969. He developed research activities in Australia, Portugal, Italy, producing audio documentaries for Radio RAI, sound installation for museums, theatre music for pieces directed by di J. Grosso, G.B.Corsetti. His compositions have been performed among the others by Mistress, Fred Frith Guitar Quartet, Eva Kant Ensemble, Orchestra del Teatro Comunale di Bologna, Strumentisti dell’Arena di Verona. Actually based in Catania where he founded SoundScape Research Group, since 2004 he started a research and educational activity in soundscape studies, environmental music and acoustic ecology, and actually he is president of FKL Forum Klanglandschaft, international association gathering people interested in soundscape listening and responsible management.,,

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In their former concept, some aspects, which are not completely coherent with the environmental-circularity idea, are employed rather as a mean to improve (in my opinion) the aesthetic fruition of the piece.

Following the line of "radicalization" I would like to take this challenge to reduce or cut all the uncoherent/unnecessary processes, and try to produce a different formal segmentation directly from the sound input analysis.

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date: Jun-2018
author: Stefano Zorzanello
event: Thresholds