Daniele Pozzi

During the workshop-in-exposition I'm planning to further experiment with else, a generative system I endless write and rewrite to perform / compose music and sound. Indeed, this recursive process of reformulation and reconfiguration is a sort of method I find helptul to reduce the functional character of the generative algorithm, and to make room for its performative qualities.
You can read more about else here (in progress) .   

Here some things I’d like to try in Bergen:

  • coupling else to other generative / sound systems from other participants
  • mechanical coupling with a physical object (maybe a metal plate?)
  • to bring the process of reformulation to performance time == try to reformulate processes while they are playing
  • feeding the system with live sounds from the exposition

{function: proposal, keywords: [else, generative, system]}

meta: true
date: Jun-2018
author: poz
event: Thresholds