Jazz Data Bass


While researching the available traditional and newly developed methods, I realised there was such a wealth of material available but it was difficult to get a good overview. Both students and teachers could benefit from all this educational material if it was more structurally available and searchable. Not only did I find the comprehensive methods like the ones by Hein van de Geyn and Rufus Reid but also many more specific methods on certain topics and other forms of methods like the master research by Linda Oh; ‘The New method of rhythmic improvisation for the Jazz bassist’. Published online by the Edith Cowan University. A large part of the new methods is now moving away from paper books and become available as online tutorials at websites, like Artistsworks.com with prominent teachers Among which John Patitucci, Christian McBride and many others. 

So, I decided to create an online overview of the available methods. A user driven format where teachers and students can find the available methods and can contribute new methods under the surveillance of a webmaster. I started out with collecting the most important and influential methods and some more obscure but worthwhile ones. In future I will continue to add new found material and I hope others will add their contributions as well. 


With this database I hope to offer information to both students and teachers in their search for effective study material. I added the table of contents of each method which provides a good insight in the content of the method. I added the description by the author and in many cases I wrote a short review.


I designed the following format of entries:


  • Title
  • ISBN
  • Author
  • Attachments
  • Description by author
  • Focus (technique, bass lines, history)
  • Year
  • Level (beginner, intermediate, advanced)
  • Format (Book, PDF, website)
  • Review
  • Table of contents
  • Last date of access
  • URL
  • Price
  • Style (eg. Jazz, Big band, bebop)


jazz double bass

in the

21st century

By Tony Overwater