New method of rhythmic improvisation
for the Jazz bassist 


Author : Linda Oh
Year : 2005
Format : PDF

Level intermediate, advanced

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  • Well-structured analysis of the playing of Dave Holland
  • Introduction in North Indian rhythms
  • Interesting exercises
  • Not easy to find



One of the virtues of internet is the ability to search in an ever-expanding library. For example, many interesting master researches and thesis can be found that cover a wide array of topics. One of them, written by bass player Linda Oh is a good example of a research paper that can serve as a method as well. Linda Oh describes the playing of Dave Holland, a bass player known for his use of odd meter time signatures. She compares these rhythms to the North Indian rhythmic patterns and offers many examples and exercises. A wealth of information for the more advanced student that wants to develop his rhythmic playing. These kind of research papers are freely available for anyone interested in it. It is available as a PDF which makes it very easily accessible tot students. The research catalogue as it is set up now, which requires the online use of a web browser, is much less accessible and usable for students and teachers. Something to consider when publishing research material. 


jazz double bass

in the

21st century

By Tony Overwater