Review of selected methods


I reviewed and analysed several methods by using my graphical theoretical framework. This helped me to visualise which topics were covered with the method at hand. I chose to review 5 different types of methods in order to get a good overview of the variety of the methods. The earliest developed method of Oscar Pettiford, which is a a good representation of the many of the early method books. The Comprehensive Bass Method from Hein van de Geyn, which covers the widest array of topics. Jazz Bass Lines by Mike Downess, which specialises in a specific topic, the online method of John Patitucci at which uses all the benefits for internet learning. And finally, the thesis from Linda Oh about Dave Holland’s rhythmical playing style, a good example of interesting study material that is freely available but not known to most students and teachers. 


Selected methods:

  • Jazz Bass Facing - Oscar Pettiford 
  • Comprehensive Bass Method - Hein van de Geyn
  • Jazz Bass Lines - Mike Downess
  • Online Jazz Bass Lessons - John Patitucci
  • New method of rhythmic improvisation for the jazz bassist - Linda Oh 

Each review is accompanied by a graphical theoretical framework, colouring in the topics that are being addressed in the method at hand. The intensity of the colour represents the focus on a certain topic. 



- no or very little focus 

Light blue 

- some focus

Blue - focus 


jazz double bass

in the

21st century

By Tony Overwater