"there is a strange and fertile over-lap: a yet-to-be mapped liminal zone"

Thus the four main objectives of the research are:


1.  To investigate relationships between sound, meaning, touch and the sense(s) of self. This sense of self of course implies 'the sense of an encounter (or being touched) by/with/through the 'Other'.


2.  To investigate how we make sense of Otherness via processes akin to musical praxis: most notably consonance, dissonance, 'pure voice' and ornamentation.  


3. To investigate the cancelling of normal time-conditions in a variety of 'non-normal' situations: trauma, dementia and other mental conditions, ecstasis and so-called 'mystical experiences'.   


4. To investigate the relationship of this non-linear temporality to trans-generational trauma, especially where collective trauma 'ripens' long after the empirical events.