"Somehow in all the mad pace [...] an idea for a song flew in through my window. Have emailed you the very very very rough outline... I want to experiment with - as much as possible - wiritng 'passively'  and letting work emerge  with much less 'direction' than my usual process. Wide open horizons!" 

"An idea - a very blurred and lonely idea, but an idea
nonetheless -  for something emerging.

Could you record on your phone about four or six minutes of variations
around this theme?
Dont worry about time signatures because I'm going to do something odd
with this... it is around 110 beats per minute.  Obviousy, if you
could ornament it as you feel best, I would be very grateful,   The
piece will be languid and entropic....  I'd be interested to hear what
you make of it before I tell you what it is about, I don't want to
over-determine it, .Hence the extreme looseness of the phrases and
tons of reverb.  The words are:

Come away  / come away /
A way  from your self.

Make a way / make a way
Do away with you and me.

Take a ride / take a ride
A long ride in a slow machine,

--- with of course any variations and ellipses as you feel happy with!

Please don't worry about ''presenting'' it,  - this is all ''raw
ingredients '' at this point,  I am still wondering how to ''cook''
the whole piece."

Slow Machine , Variation 1, Voice impro alone  (Belgrano & Price  2020)

Slow Machine, First Mix November 2020  (Belgrano & Price  2020)

Slow Machine, Second Mix November 2020  (Belgrano & Price  2020)

Slow Machine, Variation 2, Voice alone  (Belgrano & Price  2020)

(Slow Machine Prototype, Price 2020)