Suggested way of listening:

Open a second window and allow Voice  of Aloneness become a duet between two  Voices of Aloneness. Or why not adding as many voices as prefered...It will then become a Choral of Alonenness.


"It was Plotinus who very picturesquely described the path of spiritual realization as a “flight of the alone to the Alone.”


The great Indian mystic, Kabir, says in one of his famous songs: “The Path of Love is so narrow that on it there is no place for two.” 


“To ask is to feel the hunger within.”


but the asking must come from the depths of experience. And the depth of experience is possible only in a state of aloneness, for in that state the subject and the object are face to face with each other with nothing to disturb or distract them."



(Sound-diary:   RUACH, Laasonen Belgrano, E., 16 May 2021)