Conversing: a story 

There is neither a beginning or an end in this very long narrative. instead let us enter just here and listen over the shoulder. With closed eyes  and an openness to the self we inhabit as listeners.  Lets us enter and  see where  it will take us...


On 22 Mar, 2021, at 15:38,

M. "There is some fine material for me to work with here  and just as I expected, it was unexpected...  it takes the song in directions I would not have guessed.   This is something VERY important for our method, because it is a strong lever to push ''the artist's ego'' off the fixed tracks of habit, and it does so without resorting to the kind of 'randomisation' processes used by eg. the surrealists or Brian Eno's ''oblique strategies' cards. Which are useful because they can connect artists with the unconscious, the world, the 'Tao' and so on, but they are not much use for connecting persons, which is what our project is more concerned with. Connection and re-connection of people and people, of people and place, people and time.... we need to practice more towards those issues and think them through, let the practice lead the thought.... it seems there is something unique about our research on those fronts. Following the unexpected 'Otherness' in a convivial manner, rather than treating it as a production-process in the service of the ego or even 'art' in the narrow sense.  Obviously there is the thought 'we can get a good song out of this' but there are plenty of ways to make a good song; what is more important is how  the ornamentation techniques enable new connections."


On 23 Mar 2021, between 02:02 - 07.06

M: "For reasons I can not fathom I expected a series of long phrases, lento, rolling over several measures. "


E: "What one learns about an Other depends on ones own way of listening, one 'sees' one self as you say. Instead... in this case one is taken out of that expectedness. Into places in between. Into a middle room. In wonder. Perspectives don’t merge but are caught in the air. In this wondrous space answers seem far away and the one caught in wonder tries to connect to what was expected - that didn’t happen. Next question then appears: what is this state of wonder? In its physical and social dis/connectedness? Does the unexpected do something in particular to the spiritual self? Can anything in particular be said about the biological state of wonder /reaction with ref to this particular case?"

M: It was charming to hear the brisk ascending phrases at the opening, almost skipping along."

E. "Charm. Choice of word. What does it say about the one speaking?"

M. "A naiivity - in a good way -  it reminded me a of child, exploring a new garden or forest.  I had thought of the piece next moving up to an a minor, then an A sharp or something [...], then resolving back to F sharp minor via G minor, but now, it now has a mind of its  own, and is doing no such thing!  This is a fascinating way to work."