"[...] once said that  the Yin and Yang symbol is not important apart from the curving line between the upper and lower /lighter and darker zones. Kind of like the Aleph, I suppose, with the Vav separating the two Yuds. The line of separation / conjunction [...]"


                                 (from Conversation, 16 May 2021)

The Line of Separation / Conjunction

"I've been thinking a lot about prisons of various kinds as laboratories for connections. By definition, a prisoner is somebody cut off from the relationships they would prefer to live with.  So in a very very very broad sense, almost anyone is a prisoner.   Wittgenstein thought he was a prisoner of his family's wealth, etc.  Many religious people believe their soul is a prisoner of the flesh. But when people become acutely aware of their "prison situation" really interesting things happen. I am thinking of Malcolm X,  Saint Francis of Assisi, the Marquis de Sade, and a dozen feminist writers like Sand and C-P-Gilman etc. imprisoned by "the yellow wallpaper" of male expectations and rules, etc. I am thining about the Taoist relationship to ornamentation... by cutting back some things, other things are given room to grow.  So many millions of people simply rot in prisons ... but some also bloom into new and dangerous life... and i am wondering what makes that crucial difference."  

            (from Conversation 18 Sept.2021)

Hands found their places 

and place become non-stillness

a tempest of acting

in the very non-existing


body assembled all 

while still alive



Convictions! 1 (Price 2021)

in the very presence of every common

time points towards the swinging pendulum



intensive in all its glory

shapings, come and sing through all what self can't tell


parked in non-safe grounds


come away

and hurt me 

grace will hold love ...

what will come?

what will be?

may I even ask?


pick me up

when all is over





nothing can explain

the thorough melting of flesh and water


warm me

hold me








still in no body