Knowing Nothing (Laasonen Belgrano, Impro, April 2021, Kullavik)


What occcurs in between two raindrops; between beings; between one and an other? When encounters overlap? When one remain in trust to what can happen  despite lack of explanations? When one lean into an other and follow, explore, making sense without knowing?  A piano improvisation was shared with  a few colleagues and friends. No explanations. Only the question: what do you meet in the sound? Then results of the Others explorations started to come back. A dancing body from Greece, An ornament in the shape of  a leaf. Paintings of a tree of contrasts, strong colours, branches and  rootsystem.  All results from an open encounter with the same reference - a piano improvisation. What happens to you when you meet this exposition? Would you like to help us expanding the investigation. Please feel free to send any of your explorations with the piano impro or the second layers of performance acts to : Let us becoome each others references....

(Em Jakobsson 2021)

12 januari 2022, 


Every sound becomes a key in continuously growing landscape of hidden structures and opening. The improvisation has no end, it waves into oblivion. How important is it to know? How important is it to explain, in order to coontinue? Its  easy to fall apart. But more difficult to stay on and to follow the movments of the other? 

Receiving response, causes a  sensation of inner expansion. Growing into something both active and delightful. Something that causes a hunger for more. But for what is  the question.....


(Erika Karlsson 2021)

(Chrysanthi Avloniti 2021)

(Georgios Giokotos 2021)

(Chrysanthi Avloniti 2021)

(Cha Blasco 2021)