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"Plant Wide Web" Immersions and performative experiences, a path towards a way of being with the world of plants. (2023) Ponce de León Marisa
This exposition contains the audiovisual results obtained during my doctorate studies at the University of Aveiro, Portugal. Beginning with some Devices I used and continuing with material from an article published in 2022. Then, some of what I call “immersions”, which where situations that influenced my connection with plants and six “performative experiences”, resulting from a quest to interpret, in a performance ritual, the subjective impressions I experienced during the process of performance creation regarding my relationship with plants. As these results were mostly documented through video, audio and photographs, I decided to use this platform as a medium to share these moments that were central to this artistic research.
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Stylistic analysis of Julian Lage’s solo guitar improvisations at Denison University (2023) Imanol Emede
Julian Lage is heralded as one of the major innovators of jazz guitar, at the same time his playing is rooted in tradition. The purpose of this research is to present the building stones of Lage's style.
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The game (2023) Zoe Panagiota (aka Betty) Nigianni
Happening, 2016. Participant's research, including improvised full recorded interview with first generation Albanian immigrants to Greece, images, and thematic text. The research was conducted for the workshop, "Logics of Worlds", organised by architect Filippos Oraiopoulos, at Athens School of Fine Art (ASFA), Master of Visual Arts (Marios Spiliopoulos, Giorgios Xiropaides), December 2016. I used play as a method to facilitate improvised discussions. People share and respond more freely when participating in structured, but playful interactions, such as those a game involves. Albanians speak three languages, Albanian, Greek and Italian, so I wasn't able to translate parts of the conversation. Avlona is an English now obsolete name for Vlore, an Albanian seaport and former ancient Greek colony Aulon. Notably, the workshop was slightly interrupted by a performance art student, who brought a live hen to slaughter in the studio. This can be taken as a metaphor for scapegoating refugees. For this exposition, I include an essay by Pantelis Boukalas, in Kyriakos Katzourakis, O "Dromos Pros Ti Dysi" (The Way to the West), 2001, as well as Kyriakos Katzourakis' introduction in English. The exposition also aims to juxtapose the experimental and the conceptual in the fine arts; and to make the 'invisible' visible.
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från fjäll till hav över under yta färdas elektriska impulser kopplas omkopplas felkopplas dammen skogen myren vilken röst? den första.
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Exkursion – utflykt i ett politiskt landskap (2023) Karin Willén
SV Exkursion – utflykt i ett politiskt landskap är ett praktikbaserat konstnärligt undersökande arbete som handlar om att tänka närmare efter och att byta ståndpunkt. Det handlar om rättigheter och politik, och om ett pågående skifte i hur det som i dagligt tal kallas skog, brukas. Projektet är en del i ett större prövande arbete där konstnärliga verk och en platsspecifik dialog sätter frågor och förhållningssätt kring skog och överlevnad i fokus. Projektets plats, Hållnäshalvön i Norduppland, Sverige, är beläget vid Östersjön i Norduppland. Det rurala och boreala landskapet är inte unikt på något sätt. Små reservat ligger utströdda som öar i ett hav av brukad skog. En bruksskog som bär tydliga spår av ett långvarigt och extensivt råvaruttag, här som annorstädes, och som är ständigt föränderlig i skogsindustrins maskinella kretslopp. De ekologiska systemen framhärdar i att förnya sig, hela tiden i en slags dialog med den skogsvård och det –bruk den är föremål för. Skogen kan sägas existera genom att iscensätta skogsindustrins och samhällets processer och beslut. EN Excursion – an expedition into a political landscape is a practice based artistic research project about second thoughts and change of standpoints. The piece also discusses societal rights and politics, and mirrors an ongoing and possibly crucial shift in forest industry. Excursion is a part of a larger investigative and interactive artistic endeavour where visual art and dialogue focuses on the relations to and in the forest, all within a greater context of global crisis. The site of the project is the Hållnäs peninsula by the Baltic Sea in Norhern Uppland Sweden. The rural and boreal landscape is not unique in any sense. Tiny nature reserves are scattered throughout the peninsula, like islands in the production forests. The forest is heavily characterized by an intense and relentless harvest of wood by the forest industry, here as in the rest of Sweden. The forest performs it´s forestnesss, not by existing as an inter-changing eternal ecosystem, but instead by interpreting the constant chain of change brought about by the machines and processes of the forest industry. The forest exists by performing the processes and decisions of the forest industry and the society.
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Hennes naglar är Svens, alltid något (2023) Emilie Löfgren
En exposition med fyra videoverk i ETC Solpark, Katrineholm. "Hennes naglar är Svens, alltid något." "Drömmen" "Mary var här" "Tystnaden"
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