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A practice based research: On Aesthetic and Political Scenography (2023) Scenic Voice
Dear Reader, This is a research about aesthetic and political scenography. This is an attempt to create awareness. This is a composition of images, sounds, and melodies through an imaginary and personal lens. This is a formulation of my artistic system. This is a mixture of concerns, questions and beliefs. This is my voice. This voice could be yours.
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Replicas (2023) Eleni Palogou
What triggered me to start this research is the multiplicity of reality. How something is represented, how it actually is and then how we all perceive it in our very own way. In that sense reality doesn’t exist, only versions of it. The lack of awareness of this multiplicity affects a lot our lives; what we believe, what we take as granted and how he behave.Through this practice based research I am experimenting on how to create moments of surprise and realization for the spectator. I work with copies and representations, replicas as I like to call them. The Replicas can be made of different materials, can be virtual or very physical. Until now I used scale models, mirrors and projections but the list is endless; so are the different ways to use the replicas or the impact that they will have. The way that the replicas are introduced to the spectator and their interaction is also very crucial in my work and another field to research. The movement and the body play a significant role to this. The special relationship that we have with our body, the way that we perceive it and how the movement can reset these relations and affect how we experience things.
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SCHRITTWEISE (2023) Andrea Keiz, Paula Kramer, Katja Münker
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Home page JSS (2023) Journal of Sonic Studies
Home page of the Journal of Sonic Studies
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Transient sound (2023) Alicia Lazaro Arteaga
Art, and music, have the capacity of placing us in front of the symbolic. They bring us closer to everything we cannot understand in a rational manner, allowing us to see ourselves from the inside. Going back to the notion of music as a transformative ritual, a role that has had along centuries in most societies. Music as a sacred space. This exposition explores the relationship between music and text. Placing the idea of narrative as part of the music, connecting storytelling with sound. By using folklore stories as a structural element in the composition process, I have attempted to grasp the emotional landscapes inside of the tales and translate them into music. This process has been crystallized into several pieces that show the path between the starting point, which was using a text to create music, and the broader conception of music as an experience that involves not only sound but images, space, and movement.
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Reading out loud (2023) Juliane Zelwies
English: With the research project Reading out loud I tried to draw attention to a specific blind spot. There is a strong tradition in the visual arts of introspection, critique and performative behaviour.
While hierarchies, dependencies and structures of the institutional apparatus (often represented as The Museum or The Gallery) have been frequently critiqued and examined by visual artists as part of their practice, artists seldom turn their gaze on themselves as propagators and contributors of cultural traditions within the increasingly globalised art world(s).
During my research, I have explored and developed approaches to describe, analyse and understand the artist ́s habitus (i.e. beliefs, codes and behaviour) that I and my colleagues express in professional and informal settings. In particular I have been interested in examining situations in which artists seem to violate unwritten rules or conventions and their peers ́ response to such violations.
The project resulted in a series of posters, video works, an artist book and a set of public readings. While the poster series Words of Mouth is based on quotes which I collected at various informal occasions from my peers and other art professionals, the video OFF THE RECORD examines the identity artists have of themselves and their working environment more methodically. The artist book artistic research has been written in the form of a script from my memories of a summer academy for artistic research that was held on the island of Utøya. Other versions of the text have been presented publicly, providing an insight into the struggle with the text and the changes and edits it went through before eventually becoming a work of fiction.
Norsk: Med forskningsprosjektet Reading out loud prøver jeg å rette oppmerksomheten mot en bestemt blindsone. Det er en sterk tradisjon i billedkunsten for introspeksjon, kritikk og performativ atferd. Mens hierarkier, avhengigheter og strukturer i det institusjonelle apparatet (ofte representert av Museet eller Galleriet) ofte har blitt kritisert og undersøkt av billedkunstnere som en del av deres praksis, vender kunstnere sjelden blikket mot seg selv som formidlere og bidragsytere av kulturelle tradisjoner innenfor den stadig mer globaliserte kunstverdenen(e).
I løpet av min forskning har jeg utforsket og utviklet tilnærminger for å beskrive, analysere og forstå kunstnerens habitus (dvs. tro, koder og atferd) som jeg og mine kolleger uttrykker i profesjonelle og uformelle omgivelser. Spesielt har jeg vært interessert i å undersøke situasjoner der kunstnere synes å bryte uskrevne regler eller konvensjoner og deres fagfellers respons på slike brudd.
Prosjektet resulterte i en serie plakater, videoverk, en artist book og et sett med offentlige opplesninger. Plakatserien Words of Mouth baserer seg på sitater jeg har samlet ved ulike uformelle (kunst)situasjoner fra det profesjonelle kunstfeltet. Videoarbeidet OFF THE RECORD er en mer metodisk undersøkelse av forståelsen kunstnere har av seg selv, sin kunstneridentitet og sitt arbeidsmiljø. Kunstboken med tittelen artistic research er skrevet i form av et manus basert på mine minner om et sommerakademi for kunstnerisk utviklingsarbeid som ble holdt på Utøya. Andre versjoner av teksten har blitt presentert offentlig, noe som gir et innblikk i kampen med teksten; endringene og redigeringene den gikk igjennom før den til slutt ble et skjønnlitterært verk.
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