The Research Catalogue (RC) is a non-commercial, collaboration and publishing platform for artistic research provided by the Society for Artistic Research. The RC is free to use for artists and researchers. It serves also as a backbone for teaching purposes, student assessment, peer review workflows and research funding administration. It strives to be an open space for experimentation and exchange.

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Erik Friis Reitan - Teleportation (2023) Erik Friis Reitan
Teleportation is an artistc research Ph.d project at The Art Academy at The Art Academy - Institute for Contemporary Art at the Faculty for Art, Music and Design, University of Bergen, Norway. The project is focused on photography and installation and has spanned over four iterations: three exhibitions, and a final presentation. Through field trips and exhibitions, Erik Friis Reitan has explored how photography relates to absence and presence, and how such an exploration can be used to make immersive installations. As the project has developed, the installations themselves and in particular their evasiveness as absent or past events, has become a topic for Friis Reitan´s artistic research. Teleportation er et doktorgradsprosjekt innen kunstnerisk utviklingsarbeid ved Kunstakademiet - Institutt for Samtidskunst ved Fakultet for Kunst, Musikk og Design, Universitetet i Bergen. Prosjektet fokuserer på fotografi og installasjon, og har vært publisert gjennom fire ulike presentasjoner: tre utstillinger og en avsluttende presentasjon. Gjennom feltarbeid og utstillinger har Erik Friis Reitan utforsket hvordan fotografi forholder seg til fravær og tilstedeværelse, og hvordan en slik utforskning kan danne grunnlag for immersive installasjoner. Ettersom prosjektet har utviklet seg har installasjonene selv, og spesielt deres forgjengelighet som fortidige hendelser, blitt et tema for Friis Reitans prosjekt.
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RC Visual Map / Screenshot of the RC (2023) Casper Schipper
A visual map of the RC. Hover over a screenshot to see the title and author. If you click you will see a gallery with a screenshot of each of its weaves. There is a form which allows you to filter based on title, author, keyword and date. For an exposition to appear in this map, it needs to be public (share -> public or published). The map is updated every 24 hours. There is an alternative map that allows you to browse all research by keyword.
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Atelier Nômade (2023) Pure Print Archeology
Atelier Nômade is a research seminar around the practical use of lithography outside of the printmaking workshop.
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Distanciation and other: implications of distance in an ancestry DNA project (2023) Mike Croft
The exposition focuses on the question of ‘distanciation’ that at-once both distances and furthers one’s understanding of the self through being drawn into a work of text – here taken in a broader sense to include also the visual-material – and geographical and temporal distance. The latter interpretation of distance relates to the artistic research project that contextualises the article, which is in response to a call for drawings on the question of genetics and identity, hosted by i3S (Institute of Investigation and Innovation in Health, Porto University). As part of this author’s response, and as an example that may, through its reading, cause some expansion of one’s notion of self, the novel ‘The Inheritors’ by William Golding is discussed. From the point of view of genetic ancestry, Golding’s novel involves incongruous recognition between a family of Neanderthals and a larger group of Homo sapiens, and a more psychological use of the term ‘other’ for foreignness and one’s negotiation of such initial reaction by oneself. The conjoined question of distanciation and other is considered through reference to a large drawing of the author in progress as part of the ancestry project at the time of writing, and through theoretical reference to the work of Paul Ricoeur, Jacques Lacan and Bracha Ettinger that helps elaborate on distanciation, the psychically interpreted other, and a maternal matrixial idea of pre- and post-natal I and non-I of the self in contiguous relationship not only with psychoanalytical theory, but also with global ancestral mitochondrial DNA.
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THE [ W A L L S ] WE CREATE : on distance in research practice (2023) Ewa Łączkowska
An interactive, mixed-media artistic research process – using somatic experience, dance, listening, storytelling, and visual arts to ponder on the topic of distance in research practice. The focal point of this research process has been the somatic feeling of distance and entanglement and exploring those through movement - captured on film, inspired by and enriched with music by Ólafur Arnalds. The written story is a secondary translation of the research process, formed by the somatic exploration, movement experimentation, painting, and the process of film-making. I’ve used watercolors as an aid to help me translate and express the inquiry in the form of text.
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Nodos Activos + Las Julias Experiment (2023) Yamil Hasbun Chavarría, Pamela Jiménez Jiménez
On July the 4th 2023, the Nodos Activos Teams was invited to participate in an event named ‘Las Julias’ as organized by the School of Performative Arts (Escuela de Artes Escénicas) from the Universidad Nacional. An event that allows researchers from the aforementioned school to show the academic community of UNA their ongoing or concluded research experiences. Typically, participants are students and academics from the Performative Arts disciplines. However, Nodos Activos combines an interdisciplinary team of students and academics from Design, Visual Arts and Performative Arts, and its products reflect that heterogeneity. Thus, the activity was planned as a means to allow Performative Arts students and academics to exit their comfort zones, and explore the research and creation methods, tools and concepts of the visual arts and design fields in a ‘hands on’ activity developed through an active concept of playfulness and abstract thinking-and-doing.
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