Sarah Brown and Valentina Vuksic


Sarah Brown

A video artist and performer, Sarah Brown has been exploring video media since 1996 via analogue and computer-based devices. She began her work within the free party scene, where she initiated the search for a language that links images and sounds. She has collaborated with many artists and dance and theatre companies (Cie Vent de Sable, Fabienne Gotusso, and Hey! La Cie) and since 2015 has been part of the radio collective ∏ Node, for whom she conceives participatory sound performances and produces various programs.


Valentina Vuksic

As artist researcher, Valentina Vuksic is engaged with sonic-cyber entanglements through surveillance practices. She has a background in computer science as well as experimental media art and has been performing with audified soft- and hardware since 2007. She is doing a PhD in Musical Composition at the University of Birmingham in collaboration with the Institute for Contemporary Art Research at Zurich University of the Arts. She is a member of the artist collective π-node.


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