Julius Elo

Finland (citizenship) °1969
affiliation: TAhTO doctoral programme, Reality Research Center

Julius Elo is a performance artist working in the field of Live Art. He aims to create performance concepts, where the spectators and their interaction with the performers are the focal point of the piece. His current interests include experiential performances for one person at a time, bodily installations, rituals and situations where spectators need to take radical steps to become participants, as well as intimate encounters between the participants and the performers. He has particularly focused on the effects of a performance on the spectator’s conscious­ness and body.

Julius Elo is a founding member of Reality Research Center (Todellisuuden tutkimuskeskus). He has graduated from the MA Degree Program in Performance Art and Theory at Theatre Academy, Helsinki. He is currently working on his doctoral studies on “The body of the spectator-participant in a performance” in Theatre Academy Helsinki.


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