Henna-Riikka Halonen

Finland (residence) °1975


The aim of my research is to approach the concept of staging friction through fiction as a strategy and starting point for artistic critical reflection. In this an artistic practice is something that finds disagreement, discomfort and multiple viewpoints reflexive components of the work and discourse around it. I have examined this notion through fictions and objects previously executed by others, embedding them within present social and political changes. I have explored possibilities of creating space in which social frictions and interactions are both rehearsed and performed and are[1] used as productive sources.

The research investigates from a visual arts perspective, the apparent intricate need to counter political and economic turmoil with fictional visions. All this dispense with the fiction that an image( or an object or an event) can ever be seen all at once or seen objectively. It proposes that perhaps fictions can be used to perceive the contours of what we describe as reality.

More particularly, my artistic work often undertakes a reflexive investigation into the limits of practice.  As a result a technique of image within image or world within world aims to function as a self-reflexive component within the works and research.


[1]            The conflicts do not necessarily mean violent confrontations but can refer to frictions between different values, attitudes, beliefs and choices



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