Ana Pireva

Bulgaria, Germany (residence), Bulgaria (citizenship)
research interests: paper, papermaking, Printmaking, Workshop, drawing research, Lithography, ink, Painting
affiliation: Academy of Fine Arts, Dresden


Ana Pireva was born in Bulgaria and finished her Diploma for Fine arts at the Dresden University of Fine Arts at the painting class of Prof. Ralf Kerbach. She is a drawer, painter, lithographer and papermaker, member of the International Association of Papermakers and Paper Artist (IAPMA)

In the process of elucidating withing her artistic practice, Ana Pireva started a profound research about the materiality and the sustainability of her paintings. She has been deeply involved with stone printing, paper making and Chinese calligraphy techniques. The dedication to these techniques presents novel prospects for collaboration with colleagues, thereby elevating the standard of work, irrespective of the geographical location. The systematic approach to the materials (paper, ink, and water) aids her in the development of novel methods of work during times of deprivation.



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