Lotte Dohmen

Germany (residence)
research interests: concepts of work and labour, regenerative knowledge systems, collective research in arts, Sustainable performance
affiliation: Academy of Fine Arts Dresden, HowHow Collective

I understand my art as a social practice. The process is as important as the exposed work. I am interested in the in-between - the discourses that have been conducted, the ideas that have been discarded, the material that has proven to be unusable. Staging takes place in the in-between space of visual art, performance and theater, between actionism, group-forming measures and the public space.  
The finding of form is preferably done in a collective manner and always means work on interpersonal structures. Reflections on self-sustaining production scenarios, are at the same time a much-discussed topic, a living practice and a pivotal point of the artistic debate.



instagram: lodtsy



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