Felix Schlarmann

Netherlands (residence), Germany (citizenship) °1982

Felix Schlarmann teaches jazz drums at the Royal Conservatoire. As a performing jazz musician, he is part of leading Dutch ensembles. His work focuses on the field of tension between jazz, world music and electronics. In addition to this he is the director and artistic director of Jazzfest Amsterdam, curates a monthly jazz series and is part of Splendor, a collective of musicians, composers and artists.
In his research 'Crossing Borders', Felix looks for new forms of cross-departmental cross-genre activities and their impact on conservatoire students' motivation, creativity and artistry. By conducting and analysing a series of case studies around creative semi-formal student-centred projects, Felix hopes to obtain more insight in the opportunities offered by cross-genre activities, but also into what desires and motivations students have around this topic and what challenges lie in the feasibility of various concepts.


This year's work build up on the work of 2021, where Felix was working in a collaboration with Susan Williams on the research project ‘Learning Pods: Harnessing Peer-learning and collective processes in Conservatoires’, an exploratory investigation into how we can set up semi-formal peer learning groups in a conservatoire setting and what the outcomes and effects on the participants would be. 



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