Priska Falin

Finland (residence) °1980
research interests: Ceramic practice, aesthetic experience, embodied cognition, method and theory, material experience, sense perception, metaphor, Subtle body, meditative process
affiliation: Aalto University

Priska Falin works currently as a Doctoral candidate in Aalto University, School of Arts, Design and Architecture, Department of Design. She is a Finnish artist-researcher working in the field of ceramics. In her work, Falin concentrates on exploring the ceramic material qualities from the aesthetic perspective understanding the aesthetics through the pragmatist view. In her doctoral research, she uses a multi-method approach to focus on the subjective experience to understand the embodied dimension in material processes as well as contemporary techniques such as clay 3D printing. In the context of her research, she also extends the subjective understanding and develops the research findings through the use of workshops. Through her research, Falin understands the embodied dimension as a capacity of the practitioner that can be supported.


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