Tobias Pilz

Austria (residence) °1979
affiliation: Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna

Tobias Pilz (1979, Vienna) is an artist working and living in Vienna. Pilz holds a
Master Degree in Fine Arts from the University of Applied Arts Vienna, Dept. of
Transmedia Arts and a Magister in Economics from Vienna University of Economics
and Business.
His recent exhibitions include Lightness and Matter (Kunstraum NOE, Vienna
2017), OMG Armory Safety Solutions, (Parallel Vienna 2016), Schallwirkungen auf
Mensch und Tier (KEX, Vienna 2016), Pink Aussen, OMG (Parallel Vienna 2015) and Fotografie-Objekt-Bild(Raum) (Fotogalerie Vienna 2013).
Currently enrolled in the Master of Critical Studies at the Academy of Fine Arts
Vienna, Pilz is employed as student collaborator within Six Formats, where he participates
as researcher in various formats as well as assistant for the implementation
and administration of the overall project.


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