Anouk Mirte Hoogendoorn

Canada, Netherlands (residence)
research interests: spectrality, more-than-human, fabulation, sociality, collectivity, neurodiversity, queer theory, neuroqueerness, anarchive, artistic research, radical pedagogy, tiny sounds, stones, textures, process philosophy, materiality of language
affiliation: PEERS at ZHdK

Anouk Hoogendoorn is an artist, writer and part of PEERS 22/23 at ZHdK, with a practice that is theoretical, textual, and visual. The texts, textile works, photos, sketches, videos, and audio works that come out of this practice are moments of processes rather than presentations fixed once and for all. Main interests include radical pedagogies from a process philosophical approach and the act of fabulative writing in the (visual) arts. The practice always has an important collaborative and experimental orientation to it. 


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