Francisco Beltrame Trento

Finland (residence), Brazil, Italy (citizenship) °1987
research interests: neurodiversity, queer theory, Film-making, post-qualitative inquiry, neuroqueerness, artistic research, anarchive, research-creation, spectrality
affiliation: CERADA - The University of The Arts Helsinki

Francisco Trento is a Postdoctoral Fellow at CERADA, UniArts Helsinki. They participate in the Senselab, laboratory for thought in motion - since 2015, where they did postdoctoral research and previous residences. Their research interests range from artistic research, film, spectrality, radical pedagogies, and neurodiversity. Recently, they focused on producing multimodal propositions in artistic research, gestated as texts, video and other materialities. Their current project aims to emphasise neuroqueer perception and techniques of building non-neurotypical pedagogical frameworks. They are drafting the project of an experimental film around Svalbard’s Seed Vault’s non-human materialities, against what Rose Braidotti calls anthropocentric exceptionalism.


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Exposition: Q̶͈̬̿͝l̴̛̬̝̒o̵̰̍̔ǘ̴̼ḓ̷̟̓̅s̷̻̦̆Q̸̠̿͒u̷͓͚͊̽A̸̛̘͝r̷̖͈̀͝ṭ̶̏͘z̶̩̩͛,̶ (24/01/2019) by vincent roumagnac
Francisco Beltrame Trento 07/09/2019 at 12:18

I love this!!